An Idea Is Born:

inside Stay in ClevelandOver the summer of 2015 Amy and her friend Noreen started having regular play dates for their dogs Donny and Hank. Both dogs were in daycare regularly, but the limited hours were a big problem. Amy was working second shift, and she had a difficult time picking up Donny during the daycare’s restricted hours. Noreen sometimes had to utilize her family to fetch Hank for the same reason. Not ideal, but Hank and Donny both loved the daycare so much, and the exercise and socialization was well worth the inconvenience. Out of this frustration a great idea was born: 24 hour a day access to your dog daycare!

We bring you Stay, open all the time! After a year of looking for a space to open our new venture, life happened. Noreen decided to step away to spend more time with her growing family, and Amy’s friend Sara joined her on this adventure. Sara is a firefighter, and she had all of the same difficulties getting care for her dog Kirby during her 24 hours shifts. So Sara and Amy began to look for the perfect site for a 24-hour dog daycare. They found one in the perfect area, Gordon Square! Stay opened at the Werks building in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood.

We are so excited to be part of this historic and fast growing area of our beloved city! And we can’t wait to see you and your fur babies at Stay!


Sara Scheuer, a Firefighter and Paramedic for 15 years, is currently with Crash/Rescue at the Cleveland Airport. She grew up on the west side of Cleveland caring for many animals and has always been a dog lover. Sara finally became a dog-mom when she adopted Kirby from the Berea APL seven years ago. She is certified in pet first aid and CPR, and volunteers with City Dogs at the Cleveland Kennel. Sara’s beloved dog Kirby, best friend and personal assistant for over seven years, lost his valiant battle with cancer in the spring of 2018. He was a wonderful pet and will be missed!

Amy Forrester was in manufacturing for 15 years, and has recently left the field to work on Stay full time. Cleveland born and raised, she has been caring for dogs for over 15 years, in homes and at other daycares. She is certified in pet first aid and CPR. Amy volunteers with City Dogs at the Cleveland Kennel and has welcomed two City Dogs into her family with her boyfriend Wes. Donny Bag O’ Doughnuts and Murray Fletcher were both City Dogs.