How do I get started?

Check out our policies

  1. Register your pup with Stay. Visit staydogscle.com and click ENROLL in the top right corner
  2. Upload your dog’s vaccination records
  3. Call 216-346-7872 to schedule your Customer Orientation and a visit for your dog*

*Please note, we cannot schedule your first visit until you are registered, and a Deposit is Required to hold your first reservation

What are your requirements?

Check out our policies

  • We require all pups over 12 months to be spayed/neutered to participate in Group Play. We allow non-altered pups in our Stay Only Program
  • We require all pups to be on a flea and tick regimen. Collars will not be permitted into the play yard, so if you are using a collar to supplement your medication treatment, we must be able to remove it
  • We require Bordetella, DHLPP including Leptospirosis and Rabies vaccinations for all our guests. All vaccines must by up to date in order to enter the Daycare Center. We do not allow an expiration window. Puppies are required to have all their puppy rounds complete, not just up to date, before they can visit.
  • The only exception is for puppies being groomed. Some breeds need to start grooming before vaccinations are complete. As long as a first round of DHPP and a Bordetella have been administered or verified by a licensed veterinarian, puppies can start grooming. They will be scheduled for a time when no other dogs will be present in the Grooming Spa. They must be dropped off right before their groom and picked up right after. They cannot board for the day or go into daycare unless all of their puppy rounds are complete.

If the first day is FREE, why is there a mandatory deposit?

We used to have a 70% no-show rate for new client meetings. This pushed our availability to accommodate new clients out several weeks. Requiring deposits for this initial meeting enables us to help new clients get started sooner. Your deposit will be credited to your account to use for future visits once you complete your Customer Orientation and Trial Day. If you need to change your reservation prior to the day of your visit we will gladly move your deposit to your new reservation. If our daycare is not a good fit for your dog’s needs, we will gladly refund your deposit.

What does my dog’s day look like?

Video coming soon

What if the group isn’t a good fit for my dog?

We have a program called Stay Only for dogs that should be separate from the group. This can include dogs that may be over 12 months and are not spayed/neutered, dogs that may be too anxious or aggressive with other dogs, dogs that are recovering from non-communicable injuries like a spay/neuter or other surgeries, or simply at the owner’s request. The Stay Only program includes personal time with Handlers, a long outdoor walk every day, potty breaks at appropriate intervals throughout the day, and time on their own in our open indoor yards. There is a daily surcharge for this service

What can I bring for my dog’s visit to Stay?

Your pup can have whatever will make them comfortable during their stay with us. We have everything they could need like cots, blankets, food/water bowls, even a house kibble and wet food available for free, and other treats and chew bones available for purchase. However you are welcome to bring personal items like beds, blankets, an item of clothing, toys, chews, etc. They will not share their personal items with other dogs, and their belongings will be available for them whenever they are in their enclosure (breaks, meal times, bed time). NO GLASS WILL BE PERMITTED INTO THE BUILDING

Does boarding include Daycare?

Yes! If your pup is in the Daycare Program, the price of Boarding will always include daycare! Guests spend most of their day in the group and get scheduled breaks every day they are boarding in addition to meal times, and everyone goes to bed at 9pm.