Grooming at Stay

Having your best friend groomed at Stay means Individual Attention. We groom one-on-one, straight through, using luxury products with an oatmeal base.

Spa Baths include a Bath, Blow dry, Brush out, Nail, Ears, Fashion Accessory

Mini-Grooms include a Bath, Blow dry, Brush Out, Nails, Ears, Paws and Sanitary trim, Fashion Accessory

Full Groom include a Bath, Blow dry, Brush Out, Nails, Ears, Full Body Cut, Fashion Accessory

We offer so much more than standard service, and we can customize your pup’s experience!

Breed Pattern – Specialty cuts traditionally for pure breeds; poodles, schnauzers and cocker spaniels are just a few examples.

Color – Color can come processed, temporary, wash out, and as tattoos. You are only limited by your imagination!

Deep Conditioning – An extended mid-bath soak in our luxury remoisturizing conditioner, plus our reparative leave-in coat serum for maximum strength and shine!

Deshed – Specialty shampoo and conditioner PLUS extended blow out/brush out

Facial – Blueberry exfoliant scrub designed to lift tear and mouth stains

Flea Wash/Removal – Flea shampoo and thorough removal by hand

Handstrip – Specialty technique for wire hairs and spaniels

Nail Paint – Two paws – Choose your color! All products are specifically made for dogs

Paw and Nose Balm – Burt’s Bees all natural balm, made with rosemary and olive oil to rehydrate and soften their toes and nose

Senses Boost – Conditioning additive to enhance your pup’s experience! These long-lasting essential oils are made especially for dogs, promote shiny coats and healthy skin, and SMELL AMAZING!

Skunk Wash – The magic formula for moving on with your life after the terrible event

Teeth – Vanilla mint enzymatic toothpaste and fresh dental gel to keep their smile smelling great!

Pricing is contingent on your pets’ individual needs, size, coat condition, and temperament

Our Groomers

Kendra Ashley – Kendra has been grooming professionally since 2007, and she has been a member of the Ohio Professional Pet Groomers Association since 2021 and on the board of the OPPGA since 2022. She is an AKC Certified SAFE Groomer, and specializes in poodles/doodles with breed specific training and experience (hand stripping, color processing, etc). Kendra is First Aid and CPR certified, and certified in Puppy Handling. Kendra started grooming competitively last year, placing third overall individually, and first place with her team at her first competition! Her personal pups are Bonnie, a cavapoo, and Klaus, a poodle she keeps in a breed-standard trim. – You can see Kendra’s work here! Instagram link @clevelandgroomer

Amy Melendez – Amy comes to Stay with over a decade of experience grooming. A born and raised Clevelander, she spent her childhood right here in Gordon Square! When she’s not grooming your pups, she is a busy mother of five, plus two doggos and a cat of her own!