“I was a little worried at first, I wasn’t sure I would know anyone. But the people were SOOOOO nice! They made me feel welcome, and they let me take my time getting to know everyone. Now I’m so excited to come and see my new friends!”Bella, Standard Poodle

“It’s so much fun playing with all my pals! And I love getting a treat when I rest up in my crash pad!”Donny Bag O’ Doughnuts, Pit Bull

“I’m an older fellow, sometimes it’s hard to be with all the teens while they gallivant! The people here are smart, they keep us low-key, mature guys in a space all our own so we can hang out without getting trampled by those whipper-snappers!”Gus, Basset Hound

“I’m the biggest, baddest thing on the block! And I’m not hanging out with the babies! The hoomans here can tell I’m the BMOC, and they let me play with the big kids! I love it!”Penelope, French Bulldog

“I have a lot of interests, I love being with my buddies. But here I also get Kong time and other mentally stimulating things to do. These people really Get me.”Rose, German Shephard

“Cuddling with the people here at Stay is my favorite part of my visits! I love the belly rubs and snuggle time!”Dexter, Bichon Frise

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