Getting Started

Welcome to Stay! We are so excited to spend time with your pet! We offer both Traditional Daycare and Stay Only, a program for dogs that don’t go with the group. Both Daycare and Stay Only can include Boarding. In Daycare your pet spends most of their time in Group Play with other dogs, being social, burning off steam. Your dog may get some breaks depending on the length of stay and the needs of your pet. Stay Only is for pets that aren’t really into Group Play. Potty breaks and playtime and/or exercise with a staff member is included in the price. Our top priority is the safety and happiness of our guests. Group play is not for every dog, and we have alternatives available for our more discerning guests.

To get started, click ENROLL and register your pup. Be sure to upload their vaccination records to your account.

Then call 216-346-7872 and leave a message on our New Customer Line. We will reach out to schedule your Customer Orientation and Trial Day.

Required for all guests of Stay

  • All pets must be in good health before entering the Day Care Center. They will not be admitted if they are known to be ill or are showing symptoms of illness. Signs of illness can include coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, or papilloma (papilloma look like skin tags or warts, are usually in or around the mouth, they are benign but highly contagious when present).
  • At least 12 weeks old with all boosters completed
    • Please note that all your puppy’s rounds of puppy shots must be complete, not just up to date, before they can come to Stay.
  • Properly Vaccinated by a licensed Veterinarian.  We require the following vaccinations:
    • Rabies
    • Bordetella
    • DHLPP (sometimes the leptospirosis is given separately from the DHPP, but it must also be up to date)
    • Only vaccinations administered or verified by a licensed Veterinarian are acceptable.
  • On a flea and tick regimen, collars will not be admitted into daycare, they must be removed.
  • All guests over 12 months old must be spayed or neutered
  • Agreements signed and up to date
  • Any guests joining Group Play must schedule and complete a Customer Orientation and Trial Visit before booking stays at Stay.

Great news, Customer Orientations are only 15 minutes long, and Trial Visits are FREE up to a Full Day! Trial Visits are to determine if Group Play is the right environment for your dog. Our biggest concern is that your pet is safe and having a wonderful time! Your Customer Orientation includes a tour of the Day Care Center and will hopefully answer all your questions before your dog stays with us.  During the Trial Visit your pet’s temperament and behavior will be evaluated. After completing your Customer Orientation and Trial visit, you can book and stay whenever you like! Please have all your vet/vaccine information completed when coming for your Trial Visit. We ask that Customer Orientations and Trial Visit appointments be scheduled, and that you allow us to spend at least three hours with your pet so we can get to know them a little bit better.

What to bring?

Your pet should be wearing a collar and should have their registration and rabies tags on at all times. All pets need to be leashed and under the control of their owner until under the control of our Stay staff members.

Please remember to leash your pet while walking to and from the Day Care Center. This is for your dog’s safety and the safety of all the dogs at Stay.

If your pet is coming for Group Play, they shouldn’t need to bring anything. If you would like your pet to have certain treats/snacks/or toys to enjoy while on a break from the group, that is fine. However toys and food are not allowed in Group Play environments, only when your dog is on their own.

If your pet will be eating any meals with us, we strongly advise bringing enough of their regular food to cover their entire stay. Introducing new food, even for short periods of time, can cause upset tummies! Please bring food in any non-glass, sealable container or baggie, and be sure to include instructions. We are happy to use any food scooper you provide, or we have measuring cups available. It’s best to pack a little extra in case there is any unexpected delay in your return. All unused food will be returned to you. We feed our guests three times a day: 6am, noon, and 6pm.

If your pet requires medication during their stay, please be sure to include instructions, and be sure to bring them in their original containers. PLEASE DO NOT PUT MEDICATIONS IN YOUR PET’S FOOD. Managers will administer medications individually to ensure your pet has received all their medication.

Stay has a NO GLASS policy for the safety of the dogs. We do not allow ANY glass into the Day Care Center including food containers.

If your pet is boarding with us, we have comfy beds and blankets available! However you are welcome to bring anything you feel will make their stay more comfortable. Beds, blankets, toys, a tee shirt that smells like you, will all be kept in their individual enclosures for their exclusive use.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets! Welcome to Stay!