Daycare & Boarding

Included in the price!

Group Play: Designed for social dogs to engage with other social dogs. Dogs are naturally social animals, and we provide a place for dogs to meet off leash, play, run, and learn social cues from each other in an environment monitored by a pet professional.

Feeding: We recommend that you bring your pet’s regular food for them while they are staying with us. Switching brands can sometimes cause upset tummies, and we want your dog to have a fabulous time while they are here! However we do provide food and any feeding times required free of charge. We are currently using Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Beef Meal & Sweet Potato Dog Food. Here is more information about this food:

Medication: If your pet needs regular (or not so regular) medication during their stay, we are happy to administer it for free. We do not give injections.

A little bit extra

Inside Stay Dogs ClevelandPersonalized play time: Does your dog need a little one-on-one time? Maybe they are really high energy and need to run it out before they will play nicely with their buddies. Maybe your dog is more of a people-dog than a dog-dog. Stay’s personalized play time is the solution! Our caring staff members will run, jump, play fetch and more! FAMILY PLAY TIME also available for dogs in the same family that want to spend some time hanging out together while they’re here on vacation. Sessions start at 20 minutes.

Walks and Runs: If your pal needs a little more outdoor time we offer walks and runs with a caring Stay staff member to keep them happy. Walks and Runs start at 20 minutes. (Stay Only pets are scheduled an appropriate number of potty breaks and exercise for the planned duration of their stay. This service is for additional walks or runs.)

Bath: Freshen up after playing hard. Bath includes a towel dry.

Personalized cuddle time: A personalized, one-on-one cuddle session with one of Stay’s caring staff members. Sessions start at 20 minutes.

Brain Games: Snuffling games, Scent games, and more to keep your dog mentally stimulated!

Kong Treat or Lickimat: : Frozen Kong treat! Stuffed with peanut butter or squeezie cheese, and frozen to keep your buddy busy! Lickimats also available.

Busy Bone: A treat fit for a super chewer to keep your pal busy. And you get to take it home too!

Ice Cream Treat: Your pet can enjoy a homemade frozen treat!  All treats are made with dog friendly ingredients (plain yogurt, peanut butter, bananas, berries, bacon, and more!) Just let us know if your pet has any dietary restrictions, and we can choose the best treat for them.

Stay Only: If your pet is more of a people-dog than a dog-dog Stay Only would be a great option for them. Relax in Grandma’s Living Room or one of our spacious crash pads. This service includes an outdoor walk, potty breaks and personal time with staff members.